Movies that Will Turn You Into a Couch Potato (Part 1)

All those clients waiting for me to do my job, the half-read ‘‘Origin” by Dan Brown on the desk next to me, and all I can think about is the last episode of the series I am watching.

Dan Brown is my favorite, and this book is amazing. And still, I’m stuck in front of the laptop waiting for the new episode of Blacklist to air. I guess I’m that kind of couch potato this week. Brown, my hero, I guess your book will have to wait a day, after all.

Haven’t Started Watching ”Blacklist”? Today’s a Great Day to Start!

Don’t you really hate it when you have to wait for new episodes to air? Why do I keep choosing TV shows that aren’t finished just yet? I promise, next time I’ll choose one that is finished, and finished for good.

A week ago, I was thrilled to hear the name of my country in one of the episodes. In times where the patriotism of my people is put on trial, I cannot tell explain the warmth that filled my heart when I heard ‘Macedonia’. Not FYROM or all those stupid names people come up with in attempt to shrink our excellence, but Macedonia.

Sure, the story behind it wasn’t so nice after all, but I don’t really care.

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