Movies that Will Turn You Into a Couch Potato (Part 2)

It would be unfair from me to deprive you of the addiction to watch yet another amazing series. If you ask me which one I prefer, I could not possibly choose. Whether it is ‘The Blacklist’ from the previous article or Grey’s Anatomy, I couldn’t decide if someone puts a gun to my head.

I believe that my struggles are based on the fact that the two have a completely different story to tell. Whichever it is, they are amazing. So, the next one on my list is Grey’s Anatomy, with the next episode about to air in exactly two days. Can’t wait!

It Is Time to Put Grey’s Anatomy on Your List (if it isn’t already)

I’ve always been a bit enthusiastic about medicine, so no wonder I like movies like this one, or ‘Dr. House’. But, there is much more to it to this movie than just medical drama. The series combine an insight into the busy lives of residents, interns, and physicians, making me feel like I am doing nothing with my life.

Literally, nothing! When someone complains to me about their life after I’ve watched an episode, I desperately want to smack them over the head with something!

When you see how hectic a schedule can be, you start valuing those lazy Sunday afternoons spent watching TV shows or reading a book. I certainly do. Just recently I was complaining how I never have a day off because I work weekends, so this movie is quite the nice remainder of how lazy my life really is.

Please, watch Grey’s Anatomy! You’ll fall in love in the actors (especially Derek) and wish to have a chance to console Meredith in almost every season and every episode. It is breathtaking as it is interesting. And I believe, here lies the best love story any series have ever told.


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