Subject Lines Do Matter: 5 Tips for Catchy Email Subject Lines

Those subject lines seem minor and unimportant, don’t they?

The truth is, subject lines do matter. In fact, they matter so much that without a good one, your chance to get people to open the email is close to zero.

It doesn’t matter what people tell you about this – the fact is, people judge an entire email by its subject line. It is what they see first, which makes it your first priority.

This is the reason why even 47% of the marketers test different lines before they make their final choice – subject lines yield results. This small part of the email can take your marketing strategies in one of two directions – get your email tossed aside or opened.

Of course, there are plenty of things you still have to do to ensure that the opening of your email ends with a click and an action on behalf of the reader. You need the right message combined with smart SEO strategies, as well as a target audience contact information for email distribution.

But, first things first. Before you even go into the rest of the email and proceed with your email marketing strategy, you should learn the following subject lines tips to use in your emails.

Top 5 Subject Lines Tips to Use

Below you’ll find the top 5 subject lines tips that will improve your email marketing strategy significantly and boost your chances of people opening the emails you send them.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

We all feel the same urge to act on something before it expires. If you place an expiration date to your offer and get it right there in your subject lines, people will be enticed to act fast.

Communicate scarcity and urgency in the subject lines to compel the recipients to open and click. If you do this strategically and creatively, you can expect to get many clicks from interested customers.

Here are some great ideas to create a sense of urgency in your subject lines:

  • set a deadline (a flash sale or a short-time deal)
  • solve a customer’s problem
  • use urgent phrases and language (‘limited offer!’, ‘act fast!’)
  • offer things that are scarce
  • introduce a discount or a coupon

2. Make Them Curious

Subject lines work perfectly when the reader is curious about the email from the beginning.

Use the subject line to send an intriguing message.

Make it mysterious to pique the curiosity of the recipient.

If they want to get more information, they’d have to open the email. With this, your first task in the email marketing strategy is done.

The same applies to the use of questions. If you use an intriguing question in the subject lines of your emails, readers will be curious to learn the answers. For that, they’ll be enticed to open the email.

3. Offer Them Free or Discounted Things

People won’t just jump into buying your products and services. They aren’t so easy to convince, especially in such a busy and competitive market. If you don’t offer them something, someone else will. When it happens, you’ll lose your chances to make a sale.

To build a relationship with customers and make them want to buy from you, offer them something. In the subject line of your email, mention a free sample or product, or at least something that’s discounted. The idea of free stuff can boost everyone’s interest.

4. Go for Unique and Personal

If your subject lines are too common, people won’t bother to open the email. A familiar subject line is a clear sign that the email that comes with it is the same as others they’ve read. So, your best shot at getting customers’ attention is to be unique and personal.

It is one of the best SEO practices known at this point, so don’t be afraid to stand out.

Don’t steal ideas from others or use the common approaches used in your industry. Be unique and creative. You can always test different subject lines until you find the ones that work best for you.

5. Tell a Story

All the best email marketing campaigns have it – a story about their brand that peaks people’s curiosity and makes them feel connected. Storytelling in email marketing is real and have proven to be highly effective. If you want the reader to be intrigued, tell them a unique story. Introduce a story character or a plot that’s relevant to your brand. Keep it sweet and short, and they’ll love it!

The Bottom Line

In the end, if an email isn’t getting opened, none of your email strategies will work. So, the starting point remains a subject line – the first thing recipients see when they get your email. If you ace this part, your odds of achieving great things with the email marketing strategy will become significantly higher. And everything will become possible.

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